Cotton cords

Our cotton cords are available in several colors, have a round shape, and are soft by touch.

Main areas of use: in addition to decorative and hobby purposes, it can also be used for gift bags and in many other areas.


  • Diameter 5 mm
  • Material 100% cotton
  • Color several colors
  • Packaging 200 m/roll


It is made from 100% cotton, so it can be used as a perfectly burning wick.

We also produce torch wick with a larger diameter (6-8 mm) than candle wick, which are widely popular.


  • Diameter 1 – 3 mm
  • Material 100% cotton
  • Color raw
  • Packaging 200 m/roll

Polypropylene braided and needle-braided cords

Our braided and needle-braided cords made from PP are among our most popular products due to their almost endless areas of use, such as paper bag handles, clothing accessories or even decorative purposes, and as well as our extremely wide color palette.

Polypropylene cords braided


  • Diameter 2 – 6 mm
  • Material polypropylene
  • Color 10 – 12 colors
  • Packaging 200 m/roll

Polypropylene cords –needlework


  • Diameter 3 – 6 mm
  • Material polypropylene
  • Color 10 – 12 colors
  • Packaging 200 m/roll

polyester cords (torlen)

Our Torlen cords made of PES material are an excellent accessory for measuring and haberdashery.

Our products are available in many different colors.


  • Diameter 3 mm
  • Material polyester
  • Colour 12-14 colours
  • Packaging 200 meter

metal fibre (lurex) cords

Our lurex cords with a shiny surface are great for decoration and hobby purposes, and are used for creative and decorative activities.


  • Diameter 0,8 mm, 1,3 mm, 2,5 mm, 4 mm
  • Material metal fibre, lurex
  • Colour golden, silver
  • Packaging 100 meter

Blind pull cords

Our blind pull cords are made of PES and are accessories for shading technology, and due to the nature of their material, they are durable. This product is always available in several sizes and colors.

reluxa cords


  • Diameter 1,5 mm, 1,7 mm, 3 mm
  • Material polyester
  • Coour white, black, brown
  • Packaging 100, 200, 500 m

shutter cords


  • Diameter 5 mm
  • Material polyester
  • Colour white, black, brown, gray
  • Packaging 200 m

national cords – Tricolor (red-white-green) cords

Our national color cords made of textured polyester are produced in several sizes.

Its common area of use is document management in public administration and justice, but it is also used for decorative and binding purposes.


  • Thickness 1, 2, 3, 4 mm
  • Material textured polyester
  • Colour  red – white -green
  • Packaging 100, 200 m/roll
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