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Our production is continuous, our products can be delivered from stock, and we also undertake the production of individual products based on orders!




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Macrame yarn

Our macrame yarn is a 3 or 4-ply twisted cotton cord, which is excellent for macrame and textile arts and crafts.


Our company also sells yarns and raw materials.

The yarns used in our factory come from a reliable source and have Oeko-Tex Standard 100 quality certificate.


About us

Since 1995

It all started in 1995. In a tiny place of the Textile Industry Institute which had seen better days, the first ribbon weaving machine started to set off as the foundation of Orsó ’95 Kft. In this ruined building, hundreds of people researched, treated, abraded different textiles, since 1950, so no doubt that this place has the spirit of textiles.


Our production

Due to our production our product range is extremely colorful and wide. In addition to our rope production and braiding activities, our weaving industry activity deserves no less attention.

Our production currently takes place on 3,000 square meters, based on the continuous operation of more than 70 braiding machines (Herzog, Ratera, HH Braiding, Mahesh, Strojtex), nearly 30 weaving machines (Jakob Müller) and numerous twisting machines (SIMA), we can say that our capacity has truly become unparalleled. during our nearly 30 years of operation. Among other things, our supplementary and preparatory machines are made by GALAN, Motocono and Zahm machines.

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