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Our history began in 1995: that’s when the first weaving machine was launched under the care of Orsó ’95 Kft. in the area of the Institute of Textile Research, which had seen better days in the past. Our building has a historical importance: within its walls since 1950 hundreds of people have been researching, examining and handling textiles – because of all this, we can say without doubt that the spirit of textiles permeates this building.

Our first weaving loom was followed by the second, and the second was followed by the third… The area of our factory increased: we used more and more additional machines (threading, winding, unwinding machines), we processed even more raw materials, but still, as a result of the conscientious work of a handful of workers many satisfied customers came to our company and have remained among our customers to this day.

In five years, with the right raw materials, machines and, of course, expertise, we started the activity of braiding: our first braiding machines were started and our first meter of rope was completed, which has now become unique in the country.

Our production currently takes place on 3,000 square meters, and in addition to the “driving” of 70 braiding machines, 20 weaving machines and numerous twisting machines, our employees also carefully carry out threading, winding and packaging activities – based on this we can say that our capacity has truly become unparalleled in our nearly 30 years of operation.

Our very first customers choose us up to this day, we plan, develop and progress together during our customer-oriented production, since thanks to our production capacity and expertise, we also undertake the production of unique products in addition to maintaining our continuously existing, wide and colorful stock.

Thousands of ropes, straps, cords and tapes samples have been produced under our control, while we constantly monitor and incorporate the trends and innovations of technology into our production. Our raw material suppliers are outstanding, the yarns we process come from reliable sources and have the world’s most well-known environmental certification mark for textile products, the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 quality certificate.

Our product range also includes electrical fence wire, both as a woven tape and as a braided or twisted cord – thus ensuring that our products serve many industry segments in the widest possible range.

As part of our continuous development, in 2020 our company acquired neaKötél Ltd., whose products significantly expanded our product range: hemp, jute and flax-based ropes, bindings and twines, as well as PP and PPtex-based products fully serve the needs of our customers.

In 2022, we once again opened another chapter in our history by acquiring the First Hungarian Hemp Spinnery Corp. which has a history of more than 140 years, and thus the production of ropes undoubtedly became our main profile – of course, taking care of the continuous development and expansion of our weaving industry activities.

We can assure our customers that our machine park developed over the times, and our accumulated experience and expertise over the past 30 years serve as a guarantee for the quality of our products.

Our main goal is to maintain customer satisfaction and continue our activities in an unbroken high quality and unprecedented quantity, whether it is the production of hemming tape or upholstery webbing, blind cord or candle cord, PP rope or mason’s rope, rubber cord or shoelace, electric fence cord or para-aramid webbing – at our company quality and reliability is the first!

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