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Our production

Due to our production our product range is extremely colorful and wide. In addition to our rope production and braiding activities, our weaving industry activity deserves no less attention.

Our production currently takes place on 3,000 square meters, based on the continuous operation of more than 70 braiding machines (Herzog, Ratera, HH Braiding, Mahesh, Strojtex), nearly 30 weaving machines (Jakob Müller) and numerous twisting machines (SIMA), we can say that our capacity has truly become unparalleled. during our nearly 30 years of operation. Among other things, our supplementary and preparatory machines are made by GALAN, Motocono and Zahm machines.

Our raw material suppliers are outstanding, the yarns we process come from reliable sources and have the world’s most well-known environmental certification mark for textile products, the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 quality certificate.

For several years, our product range has included electric fence cord, both as a woven tape and as a braided or twisted cord – thus ensuring that our products serve many industry segments in the widest possible range.

Our product range has also expanded with the production of macrame yarns: we produce our 3- or 4-ply, high-quality twisted macrame yarns in raw white and mixed colors – excellent for macrame and handicraft activities.

In addition to the Hungarian market, we export our products to several European and non-continental countries.

Our production takes place entirely in our factories in Hungary, so our products are made in-house and made in Hungary.

Our main goal is to maintain customer satisfaction and continue our activities in an unbroken high quality and unprecedented quantity, whether it is the production of hemming tape or upholstery webbing, blind cord or candle cord, PP rope or mason’s rope, rubber cord or shoelace, electric fence cord or para-aramid webbing – at our company quality and reliability is the first!


Raw materials

Materials we use

Synthetic materials

  • Polypropylene (PP) is a thermoplastic polymer, a synthetic material. Extremely resistant to most chemical solvents, alkalis and acids. Products made of PP do not sink due to the lighter specific gravity of the raw material than water. This raw material is used in the largest quantity during our production, the products made from it can be used in countless areas.
  • Polyesters (PES) are thermoplastics with good electrical and thermal insulation properties. They have a high melting point, good mechanical properties even at high temperatures, and are resistant to solvents. Our products made of PES are characterized by high abrasion resistance and UV stability, but they sink due to their higher specific gravity than water.
  • Para-aramid (also known as Kevlar) has a very low specific gravity. In addition, it has high wear resistance, heat resistance, and tensile strength. It is difficult to cut and requires a special cutting tool. It is also used as a core thread for ropes and cords, as well as for weaving straps and ribbons.
  • HDPE (high-density polyethylene) is a widely used raw material, in our production we use it as a cover for our rubber ropes and in our production of electric fences, in various colors and thicknesses.

Natural, other raw materials

  • Cotton is a set of fine fibers covering the seeds of the cotton plant (Gossypium). In the textile industry, cotton fiber is called cotton from its condition after picking and separating the fibers from the seeds. Thanks to its properties, cotton is one of the most important textile raw materials. During our production, we also use it to make cords, ribbons, and straps.
  • Rubber is a flexible, elastic material, the basis of which is rubber. It has dynamic properties, we use it in raw form during our production to make our rubber products.
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